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  • Why choose a razor with multiple blades?

    The number of blades is directly linked with the performance and smoothness of the shave. Each of the blades has a specific function. When you shave your face, the first one cuts the hair and also lifts the skin, allowing the others to pass closer to the face. This means that you do not have to move the razor several times in the same place, and this prevents irritation. Champion Shave 6 is the only razor that has 6 blades. Made of stainless steel, they glide more smoothly over the skin and ensure a comfortable and much more effective shave.

  • How can I increase the useful life of my razor?

    Storage precautions after use may influence the life of the blades. So remember to dry your razor well after using it and store it in a moisture-free place. Remember: use a sharp razor. Dull blades can cause cuts and irritation.

  • How often should I change blades?

    How long the blades last can vary from person to person because each beard has unique characteristics, wearing the blades out differently. In addition, careful cleaning and drying after use and frequency of use can have a major influence on durability. So, use your razor as long as the blades are still sharp. After they lose their edge, they can cause cuts and irritation, so the head should be discarded.

  • What is the right direction in which to pass the blade?

    Shaving in the direction the hairs are growing – the direction in which you do not feel any resistance – helps prevent irritation, but it does not offer as close a result as shaving against the growth. So, always start in the direction of growth and, if you need to, move the razor in the opposite direction.

  • What could be causing my skin to get irritated after shaving?

    Irritation of the skin after shaving is mainly caused by dry shaving and using excessive pressure when passing the blade. So, be careful: use a shaving cream before starting because it will help the blade to glide better, avoiding pulling. Use smooth, even strokes and do not forget: whenever you feel the blade getting dull, it must be replaced. That way, you do not have to keep repeating the strokes and you can avoid injury or irritation.

  • Can women use Champion Shave products?

    Yes, women can also use Champion Shave products. And we can even announce something new: soon, a line specifically for them will also hit the market. Keep an eye on our social networks to follow more information about the launch of the line here in this country!

  • Is it normal for my beard to itch?

    It depends. It is normal to feel a little itchiness when it is growing. But if you have also noticed that there is flaking, redness or acne, there may be another problem, such as dermatitis or pseudofolliculitis, so seek a dermatologist for advice.

  • Can I share my razor with other people?

    No. By sharing blades, we can also share bacteria and diseases, such as hepatitis. Therefore, the ideal is for each one to use his own.

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