Tens of millions of men worldwide deserve a razor that is a not only of the highest quality that provides a great shaving experience, but is also very affordable. Champion Shave is a tough 6 blade razor with a light aerodynamic handle giving you an amazingly comfortable and smooth shave. Best of all, Champion Razors are a fraction of the price of our competitors. I believe in our product as I am not only one of the brand ambassadors of Champion Shave, but I am also one of the owners!

So, it doesn’t matter where you are from or what you do, you deserve to feel like a Champion. I want you to join me, and together be a part of the Champion Shave Team!

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Wayne Gretzky, known as the “Great One,” is the greatest hockey player of all time, and one of sports’ most recognizable athletes. Wayne is the winner of 9 MVP awards, is the all-time point leader in NHL history, and has led his teams to an incredible 4 Stanley Cup championships. Not only is the packaging stylish but the handles are uniquely manufactured to reflect the Gretzky brand. Fun for fans and collectors!

Marketing support includes autographed hockey sticks, pucks, and autographed Champion Shave jerseys. Champion Shave will also supply point of sale materials including life size cut outs, shelf trays banners and floorings.

Real Madrid have yet again made the difference, putting themselves at the very top of world football, having won two European Cups. In 2014, they won la Décima, winning the Club World Cup in the same year, and in 2016 they won la Undécima.